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6 Common Critters in Alabama

Have you been hearing noises in your attic? Have you spotted evidence of an animal in your home that’s not your pet? One of these six common critters in Alabama may be setting up shop in your home.

Rats and Mice

The most common rodents in Alabama households are house mice and roof rats. These animals can cause harm by destroying property, biting and transmitting diseases.

Check for indicators such as nests, droppings, and chew marks or by sight alone to help determine if you have an issue with these critters.


Have you found your garbage strewn across your yard? Are you hearing growling or shuffling from your roof or inside your walls? A raccoon maybe your culprit.

Common signs of a raccoon in your home or around your property include footprints, scratch marks and droppings.


Do you feed any outdoor animals? Have you noticed the food disappearing at an irregular speed? Opossums could be the reason.

Other signs of an opossum could be sounds such as hissing or shrieking, unpleasant smells from droppings or damage to your home.


Are there strange sounds or smells coming from your attic? Have droppings appeared on your porch or window sill? You may have bats.

There are many indicators of bats hanging out inside or outside your home. These are black droppings, oily streaks, pungent orders, ceiling stains and sounds. You can also determine if bats are around your home by seeing them flying to and from.


Although they may seem harmless, squirrels are one of the most common critters in Alabama that can be a nuisance. These small pests can damage electrical wires and air vents, chew your walls and build nests in your insulation.

To look for signs of a squirrel infestation, search for nests, droppings, damage and noises.


Even though most snakes are benign and support the ecosystem, it’s still essential to recognize venomous snakes and know what to do if you come across one. If possible, safely photograph the snake to help identify it.

Then reach out to local experts, like Pesty Critters, to help from there!


Have any of these common critters in Alabama taken solace in your home? Let our qualified team help determine the invaders, safely catch and remove them and talk you through some preventative steps for the future.

Our wildlife removal and critter control methods are 100% catch-and-release based. We use a variety of techniques to humanely and safely trap animals. To learn more about us, continue reading our blogs.