Keep them out for good!

In addition to our wildlife control and removal services, our team of experienced professionals can help seal your home against further intrusion by critters. After an extensive inspection of all accessible areas for signs of wildlife activity, we get to work closing off points of entry, from the foundation to the peaks of your roof.

Whether you have one pesty spot or many to seal, we can help, with larger jobs even carrying a one-year warranty for your peace of mind! We are fully licensed and insured, including workers’ compensation insurance to protect our team while we protect your home or business.

Construction Elements We Seal

  • Roof Peaks
  • Roof Valleys
  • Ridge Vents
  • Fascia Flashing
  • Chimneys
  • Around Plumbing
  • Gutters
  • HVAC Units
  • Downspouts
  • And more!

Are critters invading your space?

Tell us about the animals you’ve seen in your home or business, and a member of our team will contact you to discuss inspection and sealing of your property!

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Our Sealing Methods

See some of our most common sealing methods we employ to keep critters out of your home or business.

Roof Peaks, Valleys & Ridge Vents

We fabricate and install metal flashing in peaks and valleys of the roof. After inspecting roof ridge caps, we reattach any loose caps, and install caps on each end of the vent.

Gutters & Downspouts

We remove debris inside existing gutters and downspouts, then install new maintenance free, pest free, and debris-proof gutter guards. In downspouts, we install metal inserts as-needed to prevent rodents from entering.

Light Fixtures & Plumbing

We seal behind light fixtures around the building, and seal holes inside cabinets and other plumbing entry areas with pest block foam sealer.

Rock Face & Fascia Flashing

We seal the gaps and holes between rock faces and fascia flashing around the perimeter of your home or business to prevent rodent entry.


We seal any possible entry points or roosting areas around the chimney stack, and install 1/4″ screen around the hood.

HVAC Units

We fabricate and install screen and metal flashing around each frame and the inlet ports going into the crawl space, attic or interior.

Spot Sealing

We seal any holes, cracks, gaps, or seams found during the sealing and exclusion process.


When needed, we remove insulation, primarily in the attic, and replace with fiber cellulose. This is commonly done when bats have been present.


Where animal activity is sporadic, we install wildlife surveillance cameras

Trapping - Rodents & More

For squirrels, rodents, raccoons, flying squirrels and more, we strategically set traps around the exterior perimeter of the home. Traps remain for up to 30 days, and any wildlife captured will be removed from your property.

Bat Exclusion

We have a two-phase process for bat exclusion, starting with the install of exclusion devices and flashing, screens, covers and other seals. We then allow 10-14 days for exclusion. After this period, we extensively clean up the affected area by removing deceased bats, guano, and contaminated insulation, then treat with a deodorizer.

Ready to seal out pesty critters?